16 Februar 2014

Axamer Lzum 3* FWQ 8th place

The competition at the Axamer Lizum is like a kind of homecompetion for me as it is really close to my home. I know the face as it offers some playful terrain and has an easy access. Unfortunately the face was in really bad conditions for the comp. The wind blew all the snow out of the face and so there were not that many options to go.  I had bib number 19 and chose a line where i hoped that not that many people would go. It turned out that i was completely wrong. Almost everybody took the same line and so i had to deal with washed out shoots and a lot of sharks. I couldn't ride my line as i wanted and ended 8th. 
So know I'm gonna head down south for some filming and hopefully some deep pow. The next competition is next weekend in Kappl on the FWT face. I hope we get some good snow as it is a nice face with a lot of option ... if the snow conditions are good.

POV. My run

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