29 Oktober 2014


It has been a long time since my last post so there are some news.

For this season I'm riding for Obergurgl Hochgurgl. I'm very pleased to ride for such a nice resort with awesome opinions for freeriding.

Thanks to Marmot for supporting me the last seven years, but ever and anon it's time for a change. So now I`m working together with my longtime partner Ortovox (clothes and security stuff). I'm really looking forward to ride with the new stuff.

I had an awesome summer with my girlfriend in Indonesia. We surfed almost every day and just enjoyed life. (And luckily ... this year i came back with two healthy feet) .

So right now I try to get ready for winter. Work on my base endurance, power and agility. I already could enjoy my fist powder-turns. 


09 April 2014

FWT 2015

Yeah! Now it's official! After seven years competing int the FWQ I qualified for the next years Freeride World Tour.

The strange thing is that i qualified in that year where i thought i have the smallest chances. After having the surf-summer of my life in Indonesia ...

... i had a small motorbike accident on the way to the airport. A car went over my right foot and twisted it. 
my right foot after 10 days

Luckily no bones were broken but some tendons were torn and the rest of the soft tissue was harmed. 
I couldn't really walk until the beginning of December and  started "real" snowboarding in the mid of January. 
Unexpectedly the contest season went quite good. 
At the end it finished the season as 6th overall FWQ and as 3rd from the Europe/Asia/Australia/NZ region and as Flo Orley is already qualified i got a ticket for the next years tour.
 I want to thanks all my Sponsors MarmotAlpinaOrtovoxArborAustriAlpin and Sp-United/Go Pro Gadgets for the support through the season. 
A special thanks to my contest/travel buddies: Fabi with Camper Freddy, JochenJules the KingNeilJuan, ... we had a great time!!

30 März 2014

1st 4* FWQ Obergurgl

On saturday the last competition of the season was held at Obergurgl. The Open Faces 4* Obergurgl. We had a really challanging steep good face with good powder snow in it. I chose a line in the middle and could finish it almost as I  planed. In the end i won the event. Now I'm so happy that the season came to a good end with 3 podiums and a good overall ranking.

Pics by Open Faces

25 März 2014

FWQ Kitzsteinhorn and late season powder

The competition at the Kitzsteinhorn is well known as a good spring slush competition and we got that slush this year as well. The bad thing was that the snow was strong the last weeks and melted the snow from all the take offs. so there were not that many possibilities unless you were keen to ride some grass ( like the Kiwis did). I couldn't really find a good line so i decided to go for a fast fluent line with a couple of small drops. I came 7th.

 Next weekend is the last 4* FWQ of the season and they have a really nice steep (yeahhhh) face with a lot of options. I'm looking forward to that event and i hope i can end the comp-season with a good result.
Face Obergurgel

And FINALLY the northern Alps got some powder as well!!!!!

And here are some pictures from the last Comp at Montafon. (Pics by Mia and Brey)

16 März 2014

FWQ Montafon and filming with Whiteroom

This season is not an easy one for competitive freeriding. The first choice faces get changed to second choice faces, competitions  get canceled, ... and it was the same for the FWQ Montafon. Because of an avalanche one day before the competition they had to change the venue. My first impression of the new face was not really good. A tracked, short and not really steep slope. It took me some time to find a good line and in the end I have to say the venue was not that bad. It offered some good drops and the snow was better than it looked like.  I choose a line with a double in the top and two medium size cliffs in the middle. Unfortunately i i had a butt-check at the top double and so i finished 10th.

(I'm sorry, i left my gopro in the car)
my line

Even if it looks like that we have a really bad winter here in the northern alps, I had some good filming days with the guys from Whiteroom-productions.

Björn and Max checking the "morningface"
 last line of the day. was a nice one!!!
thx to Alpina for the new google