16 März 2014

FWQ Montafon and filming with Whiteroom

This season is not an easy one for competitive freeriding. The first choice faces get changed to second choice faces, competitions  get canceled, ... and it was the same for the FWQ Montafon. Because of an avalanche one day before the competition they had to change the venue. My first impression of the new face was not really good. A tracked, short and not really steep slope. It took me some time to find a good line and in the end I have to say the venue was not that bad. It offered some good drops and the snow was better than it looked like.  I choose a line with a double in the top and two medium size cliffs in the middle. Unfortunately i i had a butt-check at the top double and so i finished 10th.

(I'm sorry, i left my gopro in the car)
my line

Even if it looks like that we have a really bad winter here in the northern alps, I had some good filming days with the guys from Whiteroom-productions.

Björn and Max checking the "morningface"
 last line of the day. was a nice one!!!
thx to Alpina for the new google

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