09 April 2014

FWT 2015

Yeah! Now it's official! After seven years competing int the FWQ I qualified for the next years Freeride World Tour.

The strange thing is that i qualified in that year where i thought i have the smallest chances. After having the surf-summer of my life in Indonesia ...

... i had a small motorbike accident on the way to the airport. A car went over my right foot and twisted it. 
my right foot after 10 days

Luckily no bones were broken but some tendons were torn and the rest of the soft tissue was harmed. 
I couldn't really walk until the beginning of December and  started "real" snowboarding in the mid of January. 
Unexpectedly the contest season went quite good. 
At the end it finished the season as 6th overall FWQ and as 3rd from the Europe/Asia/Australia/NZ region and as Flo Orley is already qualified i got a ticket for the next years tour.
 I want to thanks all my Sponsors MarmotAlpinaOrtovoxArborAustriAlpin and Sp-United/Go Pro Gadgets for the support through the season. 
A special thanks to my contest/travel buddies: Fabi with Camper Freddy, JochenJules the KingNeilJuan, ... we had a great time!!

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