15 Juni 2013

Maybe the most famous spine in the Alps - Biancograt

Since i have read that Heini Holzer once went down the Biancograt with his skies I thought : I wanna do the same with my snowboard.

Piz Bernina and Piz Bianco

 Last week Max and Dani tried to hike up the Biancograt but had to turn back because of really difficult conditions in the rocky part.
This week from Wednesday to Thursday the weather was good again and so Max and I decided to give it a try. We drove to Pontresina, biked to Hotel Roseg, and hiked up to the Tschierva-Hut.

on the way to the hut we already could see our goal

At 3 o'clock in the morning we left the hut and started our mission.

early breakfast

Short after Sunrise we reached the rocky part and it looked a lot better than the last week. So we climbed trough it and rappelled down the other side.

Normally there should be some bolts but we just found a few so this part was a bit more difficult than we expected. At around 8 o`clock we reached the Binacograt.

 It looked really good with a lot of snow and just a bit of glacierice. The sun was already really strong so the one side was really soft and the other still hard.

We hiked up and reached the Piz Bianco at around 10 o`clock.

Max at the top. In the back Piz Bernina 

As easy it was to hike the ridge up as difficult it was to ride it down. the one side was really steep and the snow was almost water. The other side was less steep but really hard and exposed over a big wall. Max decided to take the soft side and I decided to stay on the hard side.

Everything went fine and at the end of the ridge we gave each other a high five.

The decent was done and now we had to rappel down the rocky step.

 After the step we enjoyed a long run down beside big glacier in an impressive ambiance.

Spring snowboarding


  1. hi, nice run! in the future, please dont't forget to pay for the winter room in any swiss hut. there is huge effort for keeping them open. thanks, martin/pontresina

    1. thx. we paid for the hut. 20€ each in the box

    2. ok sorry then. normally people wont pay if they dont write their names in the hutbook. have a good time, martin

  2. Gscheit damisch!
    Aber lässig!

    lg Flo

  3. hi alex, have you got some pics of roseg NE face? did you see it? thanks David

    1. i have one. send me your e-mail and i will send it to you

  4. ilterra@hotmail.it thanks. bye bye