07 März 2015

Back in the startgate. FWQ Montafon Open Faces 3*

Today (7.3.2015) was the FWQ 3* Montafon by Open Faces. They chose quite a nice face but due to the snow situation (avalanches, rocks, ...) we could just use a part of it. As my last runs in the FWT were not that good I needed to get back my self-confidence to be ready for the FWQ 4* event at Obergurgl. I planned a line (red line) in the lookers right part with some drops in the top and middel part and a bit bigger drop in the lower part. As the whole feature in the lower part had a bad angle to the judges I decided to drop it in a way the judges can see me ("if we can't see you, we can't judge you"). The yellow line is the line I actually rode.

the small picture is the view from the side
red: planned, yellow: actual line 

In the middele part I didn`t had the perfect angle and in the bottom part I couldn't get to my planed take off as I came to fast out of the middel part. So I dropped the windlip, as it was as well a good drop but out of the view of the judges. 

So ... already too many words .... if you're interested - just watch it.

At all I'm happy with my line (although I just came 6th), as it was fast and with no hesitations and I feel ready for the next comp.


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