01 April 2015

Hiking, Sun Eclipse and FWQ Obergurgl

The last weeks were awesome. We got some new fresh snow and quite stable conditions. So I went for some hiking.

a steep channel over Innsbruck

some fun hiking with Matthias Zauner

some good turns.  thx Jochen Mesle

On the 20th of March I went with Whiteroom Productions to Obergurgl to take some shots during the partial sun eclipse. 

I took a pic from Michi Trojer. Unfortunately you can't see the eclipse 

On the 21st of March I competed at the 4* FWQ Open Faces Obergurgl.
This is the competition with the steepest, most technical ... simply the best comp-face. I chose a line in the center of the face with a technical part. I couldn't do it as fluid as I wanted, but at all I'm quite happy with my run.

The run from my point of view on my facebook page: 

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