17 März 2013

Iceland 7-14.3 Marmot Teamtrip

Last Week I was with the Marmot Team in Iceland. We all had an amazing time up there.

Thanks a lot Icelandair for the flight and for maybe more then 100kg overweight luggage.

When we came to Iceland Hilmar and Smari from Marmot Iceland picked us up with two buses and we drove all the way up from Reykjavik to Akureyri. There we spent the first days and we found an amazing landscape. Long fjords nice mountains unfortunately no powder, just wind effected snow/ice but the whole scenery was so impressive that we didn't care about the snow conditions.


 happy to be in Iceland

 Mountains, the sea, waves, snow, sun, .... just perfect

hiking over the fjords

wind effected 

pic by Christian Weiermann, Marmot

pic by Christian Weiermann, Marmot

hot springs

pic by Christian Weiermann, Marmot

 we made it in the newspaper

After the first days we left Akureyri and drove to Isafjördur in the north-west of Iceland, where Hilmar told us we will find steep lines over the Harbor which were never skied before. On the way to Isafjördur we saw the northern lights. To see the sky burning green was one of the most magical and mystical moment in my live. I will never forget that. 

pic by Christian Weiermann, Marmot
the ones on the way to Isafjördur were a lot stronger, but my cam was in the other car

At Isafjördur we splitthe group in two and one part took a sailing boat to get to the other side of the fjord and we tried to ski/snowboard the steep lines. So we checked the wall over the harbor and thought for the first moment that i won't be a big challenge to do some nice lines in there. But after we checked it with our binoculars we saw the the top is a lot steeper then it looks like and that there are just a few connecting for top to bottom.
Luckily we had to ski doo's which made the ascent a lot easier. on the way up we stopped to hike some other lines. In the evening we arrived the top and we checked the lines from the top. From there we recognized that the entrance to the lines is a lot harder then we expected. First we had to cut the cornice and then we had to handle the first 20 meters which were almost vertical.
So i prepared myself and dropped in as the first guy ever in that channel. The snow was really good, so  the whole descent was really nice. 


the other part of the group sailing to the other side

air dried fish

to the left the peak i hiked up 

ski doo assistance

droping in the channel

first descent. I'm the small black dot in the middle
pic by Michael Neumann, Marmot 

Thanks a lot to Marmot Europe and Marmot Iceland. 

On the way with:
Marcus Ehlig,Smari Gudnason, Hilmar Mar Adalsteinsson, Halldor Hreinsson
Michi Trojer, Roman Rohrmoser, Lisa Horst, Christian und Nina Schlesener, Gill Sierro, Daniel Regensburger, Teresa Brenner, Basti Schuster, Bert Lammel
Michi Neumann, Roman Lachner, Christian Weiermann, Klaus Kranebitter, Peter Musch, Simon Platzer

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  1. geniale bilder von einem iceland im winter, danke für die impressions;-)